Last Day of Painting!

April 11, 2015

With near perfect weather today, a crew of 9 helped to complete the painting for the Swan Boat fleet.  Dan, Sadiya, Gabe, Rae, Louis and our new crew members David, Ryan, Isaac and Brian made it happen with a little help from Mr. P, some pizza and Nani’s chocolate chip cookies!  The swans were carefully removed from their winter hideaway and cleaned and painted along with pontoons, rudders, desk, safety screens, flagpoles, and souvenir cart.  Next week will start the big move into the Public Garden for assembly on April 16th in time for Saturday’s opening.

Thanks Joni Lohr for the photos

Swans 04_15 - 069

Swans 04_15 - 036

Swans 04_15 - 029

Swans 04_15 - 054

Swans 04_15 - 056 4x6

Swans 04_15 - 071

Swans 04_15 - 063