An Inside Perspective

December 15, 2015

Each year during our off season, we take on projects in preparation for the upcoming spring. The nature of our boats requires ongoing repair and maintenance to keep each Swan Boat in perfect operating condition throughout the season. All parts of the boats are uniquely designed and hand crafted with careful detail and precision. These photos illustrate a recent project to reinforce the structure of one of the 12 pontoons by rebuilding a portion of the inside frame.





Swan Boat Crew 2015

August 3, 2015

IMG_7967 IMG_7961 IMG_7958 IMG_7910 IMG_7913IMG_7882 IMG_7884 IMG_7871 IMG_7869 IMG_7858 IMG_7856 IMG_7854 IMG_7850 IMG_7847 IMG_7844 IMG_7828 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7840 IMG_7842 IMG_7821 IMG_7823 IMG_7824

Paul and Henry

April 24, 2015

The Swan Boats are a family business. It has been that way since its start in 1877. For close to 140 years, members of the Paget family have preserved this Boston tradition and operated the boats that glide along the Public Garden lagoon from April through September.

In the early 1970s, Henry Lee created the Friends of the Public Garden in response to a growing need to provide additional resources to protect and steward Boston’s first public parks. The Friends began their work partnering with the Parks Department to restore the Garden (and later the Boston Common and Commonwealth Avenue Mall) to its original beauty and grace.

This photo of Lyn Paget (center) with her Dad, Paul (left) and Henry Lee (right) was taken on opening day, April 18th. Lyn grew up in a business her Mom and Dad operated in a botanical garden that Henry dedicated decades of volunteer work to protect and nurture.  It’s current state of historically preserved beauty and enjoyment for all ages is in no small part due to the work and commitment of these two fine gentlemen.

Thank you Paul and Henry for all you have done for all of us, and for the spirit of our beautiful City.

Henry, Lynn and Dad

Last Day of Painting!

April 11, 2015

With near perfect weather today, a crew of 9 helped to complete the painting for the Swan Boat fleet.  Dan, Sadiya, Gabe, Rae, Louis and our new crew members David, Ryan, Isaac and Brian made it happen with a little help from Mr. P, some pizza and Nani’s chocolate chip cookies!  The swans were carefully removed from their winter hideaway and cleaned and painted along with pontoons, rudders, desk, safety screens, flagpoles, and souvenir cart.  Next week will start the big move into the Public Garden for assembly on April 16th in time for Saturday’s opening.

Thanks Joni Lohr for the photos

Swans 04_15 - 069

Swans 04_15 - 036

Swans 04_15 - 029

Swans 04_15 - 054

Swans 04_15 - 056 4x6

Swans 04_15 - 071

Swans 04_15 - 063

The Dock is Ready

April 6, 2015

Today we repaired and painted the dock. One of the important steps prior to opening includes replacing boards, installing dock bumpers, securing the mooring chain and painting the “evergreen” dock.  Today was chilly but the sun was warm and our little crew: Phil, Lyn, Patrick and Una got the job done.  There is still snow in the Public Garden and the ducks are anxious to get their water back, but the stubborn winter weather will release its grip soon enough.  We hope.





Seven Weeks and Two Days

February 26, 2015

Every year when we reach the end of February we start ramping up.  Crew applicants are sent and reviewed.  Tickets are ordered.  The moving trucks are scheduled.  The list goes on.  This year will certainly present it’s share of challenges for many of us “spring businesses” as we prep for opening.  Who knows what we will face when all this white stuff melts and we see what lies underneath?  Well, as Charles Laquidara of the WBCN radio 30-year running show The Big Mattress would say as he signed off (adapted from country singer Jerry Reed),  “if the creek don’t rise and the good Lord’s willing”… we’ll see you all on April 18th at 10am.


IMG_7094  IMG_7097

Digging Out Before the Next Storm

February 7, 2015

With about 2 feet resting on the 12 Swan Boat pontoons – and another 15 inches on its way – our summer crew took on a winter job for the day digging out the boats to prevent potential damage from the weight of snow. Many thanks to Nick, Una, Gabe, Kelly, Louis, Rae and Jack Henry!




A New Web Site

February 3, 2015

Thanks to Elephas Creative, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new web site. The folks at Elephas provided a great combination of creative and technical expertise to give us a new and vibrant look while respecting our tradition and history.  Thanks Greg and Gary for amazing work bringing it all together. Enjoy!




Hibernating Pontoons

February 2, 2015

Days like this make it hard to imagine that in just a bit more than 10 weeks the 12 Swan Boat pontoons now covered by about 2 feet of snow will be gliding along the waters of the Boston Public Garden lagoon.

Swanboats 09_14 - 147

Fall 2014


February 2015

Donation Season

January 15, 2015

Late winter and early spring are major seasons for schools and other non-profits to raise much-needed funds for services and programs. Our donation requirements are simple. Send us a letter of request along with a self addressed stamped envelope and Swan Boat passes will be provided for fundraisers. Just make sure you send in your request several weeks in advance as we often rely on the help of our kids to get these over 5,000 tickets sent out each year.